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Adventures with The Goonies

Sooooooo if you’ve been paying attention, you know my theory:      
          The art we love is trying to teach us something.  
It’s been working for me, but I had a chance to test it a few days ago.
My cousin Bonnie is one of my favourite people in the world; she’s having a rough time.  Life is throwing her some nasty curve balls these days.
We talked for hours while our kids played wii in the basement.  We chatted a little about Animating Your Life and suddenly I thought I’d see if it would actually work for someone who wasn’t me.
The conversation went like this:
Me:   What’s your favourite movie?
Bonnie:  The Goonies.
          I haven’t see The Goonies yet.  
Me:  Tell me about The Goonies.
          She did – took about four minutes. 
Me:    Sooo, in a word or two, what’s it about?
Bonnie:   Adventure.
          She didn’t even hesitate.  
Me:   Do yah think maybe you love The Goonies because you need some adventure?
Her face lit up, she started to laugh and now she’s getting her kid’s passports – they’re going to Disney World.
A trip to Disney World isn’t going to fix her problems, but Bonnie’s been feeling trapped in the “good sensible” decisions she’s been making for years.  They’ve served her well, but as soon as she said “Adventure” we both knew she needed one.
I think The Goonies are leading her well…and Bonnie is now convinced I’m a smarty pants…I’ve always know she was a smarty pants.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Monet….! When I was in in Giverney in 2010 I thought I was in heaven. My profile pic is from my own batch of photos I took when I was there. I never studied art to even understand why I love his work. What could the lesson be?

    • Hey Thanks for the comment and the question.

      My first thought is that loving Monet means you’ve got AWESOME taste. He’s amazing, I remember standing in front of one of his paintings at the MOMA in NYC and being totally overwhelmed. I’m so envious that you’ve been to Giverney – I’ve just added it to my bucket list.

      Having said that, it really doesn’t matter what I think, what matters is you. Ask yourself the question “Why do I love Monet?” “What’s he about – to me?” Sometimes the answer will pop into our head or heart right away, sometimes we have to sit with the question for a bit (even a day or two), but if we trust our own subconscious, the answer will come. I’m deeply grateful to the mentors in my life, but the best teacher is within.

      Let me know how you do. I’ll ask the same question about Monet and see what my subconscious gives me. I have to be honest, I’m very curious how similar/different our answers will be…I’m still working my way through this journey.

  2. LOL! I was hoping you would have an alternate p.o.v. Unfortunately my psych background leaves me with analysis paralysis when I’m having my internal conversations 🙂

    I guess I love his ability to capture that moment in time… When the light is just a certain way. And it does something magical to the elements in the scene. I want to be there. I prefer the outdoorsy ones more. Perhaps it feels pure and untouched. In which case I’m just looking for a change of scenery and an escape since I was about 15 and bumped into him in someone else’s textbook! But going to Giverney…I was home. And they’re doing such a tremendous job maintaining it. It rained (my favourite thing) while I was there and everything couldn’t be more perfect for me to take it all in.

    I also discovered Camille Corot when we were in Paris. At the Louvre. And saw much more thrilling work of Renoir also. If you’re going to France then make a stop at La Orangerie in Jardin Tuileries, Paris – check out Monets 17 meter Nymphéas series of decorative panels painted on canvas. I have a miniature of one of them in my home and it just brightens my day…. !

    • OK Just checked out Camille Corot – I’m in love. Thank you.

      For me – Monet is about vibrant calm. The colours are so magnificent, the sweep of light that he captures so wonderfully totally get into my skin, but it’s so beautifully tranquil at the same time. Once again – – – I need more of that.

      Do you mind if I turn this conversation into a post? It’s been VERY enlightening…links to your great BLOG of course.

    • Oh and I LOVE that you found Monet in someone else’s textbook. It sounds so surreptitious.

  3. ROTFL! … Was just reading through the link you posted.

    Yep go ahead and make it a post… Have an awesome day!

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