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I can’t believe I’m doing this.

Last week my life got a LOT more animated.

Hanging upside down from the ceiling of a ballet studio I knew I’d found a new passion.

Getting ready for Cirque

Last year (2012), my New Year’s resolution was to do at least one thing a month that makes me smile, roll my eyes toward Heaven and say, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”  It made for a GREAT year in a lot of ways.  This year I was determined to keep myself open to possibilities to do the same.

Last Saturday, I dropped my 5 year old at her ballet class and noticed silk cords hanging from the ceiling.  6 days later I was in my first silks class, muscles I haven’t felt in years SCREAMING and ridiculously happy.

I first saw silks at Cirque Du Soleil and loved it; it was beautiful, athletic and downright sexy.


Cirque Silks

My one class at www.artistsplay.com was clumsy, exhausting and it hurt…I’m going back – – – until I find the beautiful, athletic sexiness.

Here’s a challenge to all of you.  What have you wanted to do but have been making excuses about?  GO DO IT!!!

Do something regularly that makes you smile, roll your eyes toward Heaven and say, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

A Challenge To Change

This blog doesn’t say anything about art or animation, but it’s my blog and I’m keeping it loose . . . that’s just how I roll.

I took up a challenge at the beginning of the week.  My friend Arlene Moshe; a dietician, inspirational blogger and awesome person; set up a three day fitness/health challenge.  It was called “How to break the cycle of not following through . . . this is a bit of a problem area for me, so I signed up.


I got an e-mail with a HUGE list of simple small tasks that could make my health and fitness better.  I gulped down my feeling of being overwhelmed and then read the whole e-mail.  I had to choose one.  ONE.  ONLY ONE!!!!   Make one small change.  The pressure came off and for three days I packed some healthy snacks and ate them between classes (and sometimes in front of classes – nothing like modeling a healthy lifestyle for the youngins).    I’ve had healthy snacks now for a week and on Monday (tomorrow) I’m going to add some gentle, easy, simple morning exercise.

Arlene’s smart.

The part of her challenge that I loved the most (seriously, check it out) is the difference she makes between the words “should” “could” “would” and “WILL”.

There are a lot of things I should do…there’s not enough room in this blog for that list.

There are a lot of things I could do…that usually gets followed by “if” I could do _____ if.  So far, that didn’t work out for me.

Don’t even get me started on would.  I would do a lot of things if (this usually ends with blaming someone else).

Last week I took a hard solid look at what I WILL do . . . and I did it.

I tell my students that stretching too far or too fast is a good way to hurt yourself.  I ate my broccoli, almonds and yogurt and . . . am down a pound.  Weight loss wasn’t the goal, but I’m feeling a lot better, it might be the broccoli, but I think it’s about celebrating a small victory.

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