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Dumping Cinderella – or – Why I need a New Fairy Tale.

As a kid Cinderella was my favorite Fairy Tale – – – by a LONG shot (though I’ll admit I have not seen the Disney version).  I never thought about it too much – certainly not for years – until last week.

The metaphors in Cinderella are huge and diverse; it’s a story that permeates our culture.  We ALL KNOW IT!  For some it’s going to be about the overwhelming power of love, for others it’s about finding and acknowledging your true inner worth, for others it’s a story about finally getting a makeover.  Last week (it was a LONG HARD week) I realized why I love this story:

For me, Cinderella is about someone who’s living life at a 2 when they should be living at a 10…and (here’s the part I don’t want to admit) SOMEONE ELSE comes along and puts her where she should be.

I’ve realized My Fairy God Mother’s not coming.  I think she’s off in the Caribbean sipping rum with some hot guys.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some wonderful people in my life who have helped me in ways I can not begin to thank them for, but that all powerful woman with her magic wand who makes it all better has not arrived yet.  It’s time to start doing for myself – getting my own darn dress (Ok not a dress in my case) and if I don’t get invited to the ball, I’m going to throw my own and YES, you’re invited.

I think my new favorite Fairy Tale might just be Jack and the Beanstalk.  Here’s an active hero who grabs adventure by the beanstalk and gets what he wants.  Though I do feel a bit sorry for the Giant…maybe I need to keep looking – I’m open to suggestions, but for now, I’m looking for someone who wants to trade some magic beans.

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