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Finding Nemo-Finding my Flow

It’s been a difficult emotional week.

Yah see, I have this deep fear of confrontation and there was one coming up.  Two highly creative and opinionated people are going to have some issues when they chose to work together.

I decided to avoid it altogether for a bit and write a Post here.

What to write? What to write? What to write?

What deep truth or life lesson can I find in one of my favorite pieces of art.

I kept thinking about Finding Nemo.

“So” I say to myself.  “What’s the truth about Nemo”. Fish goes looking for a fish with another fish.  I was thinking about tarter sauce.

Then it hit me.  It’s about fear.  Why does my subconscious keep trying to tell me stuff?

Marlin is afraid.  Of course he is; his whole family’s been murdered except Nemo.

Here’s what Nemo taught me.

1) THERE’S VERY LITTLE FEAR WHEN YOU’RE LIVING IN THE MOMENT.  Why do so many people LOVE Dory? It goes way beyond “she makes me laugh…especially when she’s speaking whale” People LOVE her…so do I.  It’s because she’s the most “in the moment” character ever created.  She has no past and no future, she only has now and she’s blissfully happy and happily blissful. She can be in the mouth of a whale and have a wonderful time, because it’s a great ride.  There’s very little to be afraid of in the present moment.  I was tying myself up in knots and losing sleep about something that had not happened yet.  I read Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth years ago but I don’t think I really understood it until I looked at Dory.

2) YOU’VE GOT TO GO WITH THE FLOW DUDE.  Crush, the Turtle, knows his Zen.  I don’t know if the oposite of fear is bravery or not, but I think the antidote is trust.  Stop fighting so much (I am speaking to myself here – I know you’ve got it all together on this one).  No one ever became great, or successful, or peaceful fighting against the flow. When you’re in the flow, things move easily, you’re working with your strengths and not your weaknesses, you’re trusting your instincts your intuition and your inner wisdom.

Here’s what I did with what I learned.


Not until I could relax and see things as they were…not as they might be.  I realized that I’m NOT good at confrontation; I am good at connecting, it’s authentic for me. I rejected all the hard, self protective and defensive e-mails I had composed in my head and I wrote an honest, simple, supportive note to my friend.  She responded with an honest, simple, loving note back.  We’re meeting tonight to work together.

There are times when we need to make a stand.  There are fights we need to fight. If we fight when we don’t need to, we can miss the important fights and even if we don’t, we’re exhausted by the time we do face them.

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