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Dumping Cinderella – or – Why I need a New Fairy Tale.

As a kid Cinderella was my favorite Fairy Tale – – – by a LONG shot (though I’ll admit I have not seen the Disney version).  I never thought about it too much – certainly not for years – until last week.

The metaphors in Cinderella are huge and diverse; it’s a story that permeates our culture.  We ALL KNOW IT!  For some it’s going to be about the overwhelming power of love, for others it’s about finding and acknowledging your true inner worth, for others it’s a story about finally getting a makeover.  Last week (it was a LONG HARD week) I realized why I love this story:

For me, Cinderella is about someone who’s living life at a 2 when they should be living at a 10…and (here’s the part I don’t want to admit) SOMEONE ELSE comes along and puts her where she should be.

I’ve realized My Fairy God Mother’s not coming.  I think she’s off in the Caribbean sipping rum with some hot guys.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some wonderful people in my life who have helped me in ways I can not begin to thank them for, but that all powerful woman with her magic wand who makes it all better has not arrived yet.  It’s time to start doing for myself – getting my own darn dress (Ok not a dress in my case) and if I don’t get invited to the ball, I’m going to throw my own and YES, you’re invited.

I think my new favorite Fairy Tale might just be Jack and the Beanstalk.  Here’s an active hero who grabs adventure by the beanstalk and gets what he wants.  Though I do feel a bit sorry for the Giant…maybe I need to keep looking – I’m open to suggestions, but for now, I’m looking for someone who wants to trade some magic beans.

It’s all about you – – – except when it’s about me and Monet

Had the best message on the weekend.  One of my readers http://21centurymom.wordpress.com/ asked why she was so in love with Monet.

I answered that it was because she had such great taste…then I got serious…sort of…and said “ it really doesn’t matter what I think, what matters is you. Ask yourself the question “Why do I love Monet?” “What’s he about – to me?” Sometimes the answer will pop into our head or heart right away, sometimes we have to sit with the question for a bit (even a day or two), but if we trust our own subconscious, the answer will come. I’m deeply grateful to the mentors in my life, but the best teacher is within.  Let me know how you do. I’ll ask the same question about Monet and see what my subconscious gives me. I have to be honest, I’m very curious how similar/different our answers will be”  It was all rather Jungian of me.

One of my favourite Monets

One of my favourite Monets

This one might be my favourite.

This one might be my favourite.


I went away for a bit and did just that – asked myself why I loved Monet so much.  I realized it was because (for me) he captures exuberant peace.  The colours and the movement of his painting is joyous and bright, but his paintings are deeply peaceful.  I suddenly realized how badly I needed more of this in my own life.  If you had asked me outright if I though exuberance and peace could co-exist, I would have suggested that they were opposites, Monet shows me that they’re not, and that they work beautifully together.  I need to find that combination in my life – I do peace and I do exuberance, I need to find my inner Monet and do them both at the same time.

21century Mom comes back after a short time and talks about how Monet beautifully captures a moment in time.  I would suggest that maybe her subconscious is letting her know that she should make an effort and capture more beautiful moments in time…I know I do.

That’s the great thing about art – it speaks to all of us differently – if it is well done and honest, it will touch us as we need it to – when we need it to.

Go have an art experience. I dare you.

Jung and Freud in love


Egghead alert.  The following post is a bit of deeper stuff about the whole love issue.  Skip it and go right onto the other posts if you’re not interested.

Psychology Today (link below) says that falling in love is like with being on Cocaine.  I didn’t need Psychology Today to tell me that, BEEN THERE, and I can tell you for sure that Falling in Love sure felt like that time the Dr. put me on Morphine . . . can’t draw a direct comparison with Cocaine – haven’t been there.

We can only fall CRAZY in love with someone we don’t know.  Once we get to know them, assuming we still love them, we actually love them (very different from the Romantic notion of being “In Love”.  We know their faults, where they come up short, how they drive us crazy, and we decide to love them anyway.

Carl Jung*says that when we fall crazy in love that we are getting sucked in by a projection.  Some part of our subconscious knows we have to learn something and it sees (or feels) that this person can teach us what we need to know.  In simple terms “I fall for anyone who’s kind to me” can mean “I need to be kind to myself”.  “I fall for strong guys” could be telling us “I need to learn to be strong”, “I always fall for party girls” might be trying to tell us we need to loosen up a bit.

* Big time Smarty Pants psychologist – worked with Freud until they had a big, stinky fight and didn’t talk again for years . . . maybe they needed a good therapist.


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