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Putting it together, bit by unlikely bit


This stuff is sooooo freakin’ cool. I first saw Leo Sewell’s work at the Galerie Christin in Toronto about six or seven years ago. I recently contacted them about buying a piece, then I looked at the price – – – sigh, one more item for my bucket list — or my Christmas wish list – Santa are you reading this? I’ve been VERY good.

Leo Sewell takes the most unlikely (and I must say extremely cool) objects and combines them into awesome, original and new sculptures.

My take on Sewell’s work – and why I love it: It’s about the integrity of the original pieces and the way they work together to create something beautiful and something none of them could create individually.

I tend to avoid getting involved with organized groups; I generally prefer to work alone. Even when I’m involved with sports (YES I have been involved with sports) it’s always solo sports: swimming, running, cycling etc. I worry I can’t really be me if I get too close to people. Somehow I will have to disappear or adapt to get along with the group.

Sewell and his magnificent Junk Sculptures show me that it’s just not true, the individual doesn’t get in the way of the group, he, she . . . I make the group cool and intriguing.

I think my summer project is going to involve finding a cool group to join…maybe baseball, I like baseball.

Oh – – – and my birthday is in August…hint, hint. You can shop for me here -> http://www.leosewell.net/

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