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Another lesson – this time from a nude guy.

He stands there naked, looking defiantly off to the left and he catches my eye every time I pass him.

I teach at a number of art schools.  Every day, I pass drawings of nudes, for some reason this picture keeps grabbing my attention.  Well, I’m the guy who believes that art that pulls us in is trying to teach us something, so I asked myself what this guy was trying to teach me.

I had barely formulated the question in my mind when I was reminded of yesterdays post…about strength and how I need to develop more of it in my life.  This picture is STRONG, and if you check out my last post, you’ll know that I’m needing a little more strength. http://animatingyourlife.com/2013/02/06/flexible-strength-more-lessons-from-the-incredibles/

The lines are strong, the colours are in strong contrast to one another, the body of the model is strong and his attitude is strong.  Seriously, what is it he’s looking at off to the left?  This guy, and more specifically Leanne’s drawing of him, is another teacher, reminding me to keep getting stronger.

We’ve all heard that when the student is ready the teacher will appear, I’m starting to question that wisdom.  I think the teachers are always there, when we’re ready we will notice them.

The picture was drawn by Leanne Mohammed and used with permission (Thanks Leanne).  Check out the link to the original below.

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