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My friend Janet and I have an interesting and unusual relationship.

She helps me focus my speaking business.*

I weed her garden.

I get the better end of the deal.

I love gardening, mucking around in the dirt makes me happy, but I’m NOT an expert.  Weeding my own garden can be slow and frustrating; spending a lot of time trying to figure out which are weeds and what should stay.

Janet, the focus expert, points.  “This, this, that,, that and the tulips (Janet’s Dutch) stay – the rest can go.”

LESSON:  It’s faster, easier, more efficient and a LOT simpler to focus on what we DO want then going through everything in our lives, or our gardens, or our closets etc. etc. piece by piece trying to decide if it has value.

Janet tells me that there’s no Dutch word for “weed”.  I LOVE that.  Every plant has value, the question isn’t about the worth of the plant, it’s about whether I want it in my garden.

I’m going to get better at applying this in the rest of my life.  I can spend HOURS looking at the various things in my life (things that can VERY easily distract me) instead of focusing on what I want.  When I focus on what I DO want the choices all get faster, easier, more efficient and a LOT simpler.

I think I’m going to Blog about compost soon.

* Check out Janet’s website at www.getrealbranding.com she really is pretty awesome…and she’s got a very nice garden now.

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