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Adventures with The Goonies

Sooooooo if you’ve been paying attention, you know my theory:      
          The art we love is trying to teach us something.  
It’s been working for me, but I had a chance to test it a few days ago.
My cousin Bonnie is one of my favourite people in the world; she’s having a rough time.  Life is throwing her some nasty curve balls these days.
We talked for hours while our kids played wii in the basement.  We chatted a little about Animating Your Life and suddenly I thought I’d see if it would actually work for someone who wasn’t me.
The conversation went like this:
Me:   What’s your favourite movie?
Bonnie:  The Goonies.
          I haven’t see The Goonies yet.  
Me:  Tell me about The Goonies.
          She did – took about four minutes. 
Me:    Sooo, in a word or two, what’s it about?
Bonnie:   Adventure.
          She didn’t even hesitate.  
Me:   Do yah think maybe you love The Goonies because you need some adventure?
Her face lit up, she started to laugh and now she’s getting her kid’s passports – they’re going to Disney World.
A trip to Disney World isn’t going to fix her problems, but Bonnie’s been feeling trapped in the “good sensible” decisions she’s been making for years.  They’ve served her well, but as soon as she said “Adventure” we both knew she needed one.
I think The Goonies are leading her well…and Bonnie is now convinced I’m a smarty pants…I’ve always know she was a smarty pants.

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