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You’ve Got it ALL!

WARNING!!! The following is a bit of an excuse killer – at least it has been for me – so if you’re deeply dependent on your excuses, you might want to give this one a pass.

On the weekend I was explaining how the color wheel worked to my ten year old…suddenly it hit me.  There are only three colors…REALLY ONLY THREE…put them together with light and dark and EVERYTHING we see: great art, beautiful vistas, the faces we love.  If we can see it, it’s made up of three colors mixed with light and dark.


Everything works like this.  All great writing comes from 26 letters and a handful of punctuation; every piece of music is made up of the same 12 notes.  The entire known universe (according to my Science Smarty Pants friend Bill) is made up of 18 particle-anitparticle pairings (6 kinds of quarks, 6 kinds of leptons, of which one is the electron, and 6 force carriers)*

One of the great excuses I’ve used for most of my life is that I don’t have enough ______________ I’m quite creative about filling in the blanks in ways that fully justify my excuses.  The reality is that all great art and the universe itself is made up of a very few things.  I need to stop making excuses, I have what I need to create what I want…so do you.

On another note, Bill was also one of my first great writing teachers.  He’s not a writer, but years ago I was complaining that I couldn’t write because of computer problems, he took out a pen and some paper and said “Shakespeare wrote with a quill – if you really want to write, then write.”

The truth is – we have everything we need to make the art or the lives we want.  Stop making excuses, stop seeing what you don’t have and take a tip from the universe…make your masterpiece with what you’ve got – You’ve got it all.

* I have to be honest, I have NO IDEA what he’s talking about, but I trust him – – – he’s a smarty pants.

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